Gregory Hines is a successful small business owner and community support worker who will fight for hardworking families in Markham–Thornhill as our next Member of Parliament.

Gregory is a proud husband and father of four with deep roots in Markham–Thornhill. A passionate supporter of the arts, Gregory has operated the DOAHL Academy of dance in Markham for the past decade, serving as director, choreographer and CEO.

For the past eight years, Gregory has also worked as a community support worker. Currently, he provides support to adults with intellectual disabilities through Community Living York South. Earlier, he worked with children with mental health challenges as well as at-risk youth.

Gregory is a strong believer in the resilience of his clients—and the enormous potential of our wider community. After decades of Conservative and Liberal mismanagement, he is committed to being a strong voice for the voters of Markham–Thornhill and standing up for their priorities.

Gregory understands the challenges facing hardworking families and vulnerable individuals in our community. As our next MP, he’s committed to building a fairer, more prosperous Canada where no one is left behind.


• 成功的小企业主和社区工作者
• 骄傲的丈夫和四个孩子的父亲
• 热爱艺术,Gregory在过去十年在Markham经营舞蹈学院 (DOAHL dance academy),担任导演,编舞家和首席执行官。
• 在过去的八年里,Gregory也曾担任社区工作者. 他通过Community Living York South为智力障碍成人提供支持。
• Gregory了解我们社区, 家庭和弱势群体面临的挑战。作为我们未来的议员,他致力于建立一个更加公平,更繁荣的加拿大.





• 成功的小企業主和社區工作者
• 驕傲的丈夫和四個孩子的父親
• 熱愛藝術,Gregory在過去十年在Markham經營舞蹈學院 (DOAHL dance academy),擔任導演,編舞家和首席執行官。
• 在過去的八年裡,Gregory也曾擔任社區工作者. 他通過Community Living York South為智力障礙成人提供支持。
• Gregory了解我們社區, 家庭和弱勢群體面臨的挑戰。作為我們未來的議員,他致力於建立一個更加公平,更繁榮的加拿大.